Ripe grapes ready for harvest

In response to The Covid-19 Outbreak

Rowe Ridge Vineyard & Winery is offering curbside wine sales during the normal open hours.

Call 913-721-9776, or email us your order and pick up time.

You can also just come by and we'll bring your order to the car.

All your favorite Rowe Ridge wines are available for purchase by the bottle.

Dry - $18.00
Seyval Blanc
St Vincent
Semi- $17.00
Rowe Family - White - Red - Rose`
Fruit- $16.00
Apple Pear


Wines currently available

Seyval Blanc- a crisp, fruit forward balanced white wine.  Pairs well with light cream sauces and chicken or fish. $18

Chardonel– a bold white wine with citrus flavors.  Pairs well with sharp cheeses. $18

Chambourcin- a medium body red wine with distinctive dark coloring and fruity aroma and flavors - black cherry and plum.  Pair with Italian dishes or chops $18

St. Vincent- a light body red wine with spicy overtones.  Pairs well with barbeque and pork. $18

Norton- full-bodied, bold red wine with fruity characters and often a little pepper. Blessed with high levels of resveratrol, Norton pairs well with steak or with chocolate as a dessert. $18

Concord– “Not your Grandma’s Concord” – a sweet but not too sweet wine with the traditional grape flavor. $17
Apple Pear– a lightly sweet versatile fruit blend. Great with spicy foods or a mulled holiday wine. $16

Blackberry Bliss– a sweet, aromatic wine with great berry flavors.  Great as a spritzer or with ice cream. $16

Rowe Family White–  a sweet yet crisp, fruity Seyval Blanc.  This medium body wine pairs well with cheeses and crisp green salads $17

Rowe Family Red– a sweet wine of St Vincent and a touch of Chambourcin.  A great pairing for barbeque.  $17

Rowe Family Rose’– a sweet St Vincent  -  light spicy flavors  -  enjoy with friends. $17

Coming Soon

Nikole’s Red Fusion– a balanced red blend of Norton and St Vincent, showcases the best characteristics of both grape – bold and spicy.  Pairs well with steaks and chops. $15

Sweet Mary Red– a sweet red wine blend of Concord and touch of Chambourcin to add spicy overtones. $15

Spirited– a lightly sweetened port-style blend of Norton and St Vincent.  Great alone after dinner or paired with a chocolate dessert.  $15